Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has today announced that Brisbane cabbie and former refugee, Aguek Nyok, is ‘fine to stay’ in Australia, after proving himself as a brave Aussie.

Mr Nyok will be nominated for a bravery award by the Queensland premier after helping save 11 people caught in the senseless arson attack on a Brisbane bus that killed driver Manmeet Alisher.

Nyok, a South Sudan-born father of four, kicked in the back door of the bus after Alisher was allegedly set alight in the driver’s seat by the caucasian 48-year-old Anthony Mark Edward O’Donohue, who has since been labeled as a ‘mentally unwell loner’.

Speaking to the media today, Turnbull says that while Mr Nyok is noticeably not-white, he believes that any attempt to relocate Mr Nyok would have a very negative affect on his polling.

“He’s won the hearts of Australia. I’m not going near that one – I don’t even think Dutton is stupid enough to go near it,”

“The moment the Courier Mail refers to anyone as a ‘Brave Aussie’ – it’s completely out my hands,”

“That, and the fact that he isn’t Muslim, and that he arrived here before 2013. I mean, it looks like he’s fine to set up shop here – unless Pauline decides she doesn’t like Africans”

“Either way, citizen or not, this is a very brave human. He risked his life to save people – it’s a completely different scenario to those arriving by boat”


  1. So, it’s fine for this bloke to wear blackface, but when I do it on the footy trip, it’s insensitive? One rule for them, another for us.

    EDIT: Sorry, I should’ve read the article before commenting.

    EDIT: can you get one of your mods to fix this comment? It makes me look a bit… you know.

  2. ⬆⬆ Except I don’t think the fuckwit who killed the Sikh driver was Muslim, mate. He looked like a fat, pasty, sweaty, uneducated, brown-skin-hating garbage human with a micropenis (or Pauline Hanson voter for short).

    Racists have been killing people for a millenia.


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