Tony Burke Tells Media Never Underestimate The Agricultural Portfolio’s Effect On Women


Labor MP Tony Burke has today addressed the wild predicament that his rival Barnaby Joyce has found himself in after inpregnating his former media advisor.

While Burke was not too keen to spend much time talking about Mr Joyce, he did mention that sometimes things happen when a man is wearing the badge as Labor Minister.

“Haha. Things happen” he said.

“Let me just say that”

“Never underestimate the appeal of the agricultural portfolio. Fisheries, forestry, sustainability. That’s like three of nature’s most effective aphrodisiac”

In 2009, Tony Burke, then a Labor frontbencher charged taxpayers $48,951 for a six-day ministerial trip to Europe, including first-class flights for a senior staffer.

The then-agriculture minister and his staffer, now his partner, attended a food security forum in Barcelona – but many believe that this might be where their riveting sexual tension became more than just a lustful fantasy.

Today, while still gunning to take back these same cabinet positions from the Nationals leader and his colleagues, Burke has made it clear that he is not overly interested in taking part in Mr Joyce’s character assassination.

“I completely get it” he says.

“Barnaby had water in his portfolio as well. Jesus, I’m surprised he could avoid playing up for as long as he did”




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