The girls have spent the best part of 3 weeks organizing a joint present for their friend, Cass, with discussions generating upwards of 100 chat notifications a day. Now, the day of Cass’s birthday, the girls are all gathering around to sign a card – a ritual that indicates the present is from all of them.

After everyone signed the card, Cass’s best friend, Ava, decided to have a look at what kind messages the other girls had written. And that’s when she saw it. Lucy, the stingiest friend, had added her name to the card!

“What the fuck is this?” Ava said under her breath to Cass’s second-best-friend.

“Is she serious?”

“Did she not specifically say in the group chat that she was going to get her own present?”

The two girls then continued to bitch about Lucy, even bringing up instances that are completely unrelated to the present incident.

“Did you know she tried to not pay at my birthday lunch last year? That was $120”

This exchange continued for some time, until another girl came over and the two were forced to change the subject.

Later in Betoota’s thriving Little Italy, Cass’s present ceremony was about to begin. Ava took it upon herself to do a speech before giving Cass her present.

“Cass, my babe, this present is from… nearly all of us… and it’s just a little something to show you how much we love you”

The Advocate understands that the group of girls all chipped in $150 to go towards a new designer handbag for Cass, an extravagant present which we can completely understand why Lucy abstained from paying for.

More to come.


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