The political future of a remote Island state with the same population as Newcastle is dominating national media headlines for some reason.

As most Australians only tune in to see just how well the political firebrand Jacqui Lambie will do against the long-established and well-funded Labor and Liberals, for some reason we are learning heaps of other shit about state politics that in no way affects anyone else in the country.

Local apple grower and chairman of Betoota’s Tasmania Expat Club, Kyleigh (45) says she’s blown away by the amount of people pretending to be interested in whether or not her countrymen and women will be allowed to play pokie machines this time next year.

“It’s got nothing to do with boatracing or sexually-charged art museums, so I’m kind surprised people are taking notice to be honest” she said.

“Like, there hasn’t even been much talk of timberlopping”

Recent polls, that people really shouldn’t care too much about, suggest Tasmanian Liberals look likely to win a slim majority government, according to the last independent poll before Saturday’s election.

The survey of 1,000 Tasmanians showed a surge in support for the Liberal Party, which was attracting 43 per cent. A very weird number considering the state of the federal coalition government, but also, who gives a fuck.


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