When Leroy Davidson got a message from a girl, who he went to school with but didn’t know particularly well, he was confused this morning.

Sitting at his South Melbourne desk he pondered for some time at what point he should open Sally Alcorn’s message, knowing that it would show on her end as “Seen” as soon as he did.

“I haven’t spoken to her for years. I haven’t seen her for years. We didn’t really even talk much in school. I’m not particularly sexually attractive. Why is see messaging me all of a sudden,” he thought.

And then the penny dropped.

Leroy realised that Sally was trying to rope him into a pyramid scheme – or as they are referred to nowadays, a multi-layered-marketing business opportunity.

“Yeah I connected all the dots. She goes pretty hard on Instagram and is always posting about these amazing multivitamins that she can get people,” he told The Advocate this morning.

Davidson said he responded to the message politely, informing her he was doing well and enjoying his post high school years quite a lot, while also asking her how she was doing.

They exchanged a couple of weirdly friendly messages before  Sally showed her true colours.

“Yeah it took her literally like 2 messages before she asked me if I was happy with the amount of money I earnt in my job, and whether I would be interested in making a heap of money on the side.”

Davidson said she simultaneously sent him a picture of her in a hire Mercedes from like a year ago.

“Farrrrrrrk man. It’s sad hey. I didn’t know what to say. I just told her I am pretty happy with my IT job, and thanks for the offer. She told me that if I ever wanted to make some serious residual income I should just get in touch.”

“Residual fucking income. Jesus. She makes it sound like she is pop star who has given it away and is surviving on the royalties money that keeps coming through. Anyway boys, I gotta get back to work.

“The computers in my building aren’t gonna turn themselves on and off again are they.”


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