After not finding much like with a photo of his car, a photo of himself snowboarding with sunglasses on in 2007, or a photo of a recent bucks party, local bachelor Riley Scoles (28) might have just figured out the secret to online dating apps.

“I just thought, what do women want in a man?” he says.

“Obviously my HSV wasn’t hitting the spot, neither was my moto – I can’t believe they didn’t even like the photo of me and ten mates on the piss at the Goldie… I guess it’s because they couldn’t tell which one I was”

Riley says after contemplating a possible upload of him petting a sedated tiger in Thailand, he inevitably decided upon a fishing photo – and he hasn’t looked back.

“I’ve had endless inquiries about whether I own the boat and what kind of gear I’m using”

“My other rod has been getting a work out too [laughter]”

Mr Scoles’ news comes a month after The Advocate reported about a a local man having to come to terms with the fact that women, for the most part, probably aren’t interesting in his motorbike or moto-racing accessories, when it comes to looking for men on dating apps.


Kim Daley (29) says some of his photos had even been taken professionally – and that if girls don’t like a Suzuki GSX-R1000R – then what do they like?

“Sure it was a late arrival to the 600 supersport class, but I’m like 6’3 myself, so I need a beefier ride”

“It’s fitted with a yoshi muffler and everything. It was only on about 20,000 km when I picked it up a couple months back”

“I don’t what they like, if they aren’t interested in that”

However, according to Riley, it’s photos of soon-to-be gutted sea life.

“Who would have guessed. But, yeah. They are into it”

“I’ve tried to blur out the back of the photo so they can’t see my secret spot.”


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