After losing to the Bulldogs 14-6 over the weekend, the South Sydney Rabbitohs are now no longer in the top-four for the first time this season.

After a strong start to the season with a cohesive group of new signings and Wayne Bennett at the helm, the Bunnies only lost one match from ten games.

Betoota Housing Market Special with Mark Bouris. Listen below.

However, it appears that the foundation club may have struggled to overcome the Origin period, with three losses-in-a-row at the pointy end of the season.

While the rusted on supporters of the club may now be starting to get nervous about the future of their proud patch of NRL catchment, they aren’t nearly as nervous as the region’s newest residents.

Namely the poor buggers who have loaded up millions to buy a piece of the sky between Zetland, Green Square and Mascot.

Despite the manic positivity being breathed into the housing market by the Sydney Morning Herald, which depends of property sales to keep pumping, one issue that the city’s south is not ready to confront is the fact that these one-coat-of-paint high-rise developments could be evacuated at any second.

This comes as engineers condemn another four high-rise unit blocks in South Sydney, all of which evacuated on last month after cracks were found in the building foundations.

Hundreds of residents have had to find alternative accommodation, with many landlords forced to pay for their tenants to live in hotels indefinitely – Just 6 months after the Homebush Opal Tower was evacuated for the same reason on Christmas eve.

While the NRL fans are themselves worried about their pride and joy not being around much longer this season, the most immediate threat of collapse down Botany Road doesn’t look like it will end with a mad monday celebration, as hundreds of homeowners are now learning that their 7-year- warrantee is over and the developers who built these towers without an engineer no longer exist.



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