6 April, 2016. 10:30


2003 Australian Idol runner-up, Shannon Noll is believed to be hiding out at his family farm in Condobolin today, after leaked tax documents known as the Panama Papers revealed accusations that he and his wife used an offshore firm to allegedly hide million-dollar investments.

The unprecedented leak of more than 11 million documents from Panamanian law firm, Mossack Fonseca, has revealed some of the hidden financial dealings of the world’s rich and powerful. Shannon Noll is among several other high profile Australians currently

The leak uncovered a suspected money laundering ring involving close associates of the ARIA-nominated rock powerhouse – including each member of his family back-up band, The Noll Brothers, as well as large amounts of hometown associates in Central West NSW.

A close friend of ‘Nollsy’ was put at the top of the offshore empire worth more than $200 million which has made hundreds of Condobolin residents a large fortune

A spokesperson from the Condobolin local council has said the reports were aimed at discrediting the third-highest-selling-Australian-Idol-contestant-off-all-time.

He also claimed the journalists involved were “former media and PR professionals” associated with the 2003 Australian Idol Winner, Guy Sebastian.

“This is just a ploy to bring down Shan,”

“There’s a reason why he used to sing What About Me – It’s because he can’t catch a break. They hate seeing him sell more than Guy, thirteen years later.”

“Shannon Noll is no way involving in money laundering or the trafficking of goey. He’s an everyday Aussie bloke that taught himself to sing on the tractor,”


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