The Netflix TV series ‘The Crown’ – which has dramatised the reign of Elizabeth II from her ascension to the throne right through to the early 2000s – has this week finally released the four first episodes of season 6.

As is the case with earlier seasons, the first episodes of season 6 reference real events — Diana’s holiday in St Tropez, the car crash, the media hysteria that followed – and of course the funeral that the whole world tuned into.

In episodes yet to be released, the final season will also explore the relationship between Prince William and Kate Middleton, and the rise of Labor Prime Minister Tony Blair.

However, there also a chapter of this finale that follows Prince Harry’s wild boy days.

From getting caught with reefer in one of the Castle stables, to the Hitler costume at a fancy dress party, to the many young B-list models that thought they were one private jet aviation disaster away from joining him on the Throne.

However it’s the Ginger Prince’s ‘Hangover’ style bender in Las Vegas that gets an entire episode.

Played by Rupert Grint, Prince Harry’s character is the sole focus of a 55 minute episode that follows his journey home from the War In Afghanistan, and the subsequent party that took place in the City Of Sin over several days.

As a slight departure from the mostly solmen series arch, ‘The Harry Episode’ has reportedly shocked and marvelled TV critics who were treated to an early screening.

“The booze. The women. The sheer hedonism. The Harry Episode does not disappoint. It’s like Scorsese discovered that English people exist” says Ernest Mosely from the BBC.

“We always knew this man was one of us” says Con Ithaca from the Athens Herald.

Bruce Brangus from The Betoota Idea pop culture tabloid says the depiction of Prince Harry as a Vegas bender king only confirms rumours that still circulate from his time as a jackaroo in Western Queensland.

“Fuck me, after that Vegas bender there can be no denying that Harry steers away from the big jobs, it’s really a surprise that he’s turned into such a softcock in hindsight”

The Betoota Advocate gives the episodes 4 and half stars, and sincerely hope that this final season of The Crown will finally mark the end of our country’s fascination with an inbred family of tax-payer bludging blue bloods who can’t find the time to visit us more than once a decade.


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