A recent report by TV Week has found that despite years of prime time breakfast and nightly news slots, the Stefanovic brothers have not yet reach the same heights as the Daddo brothers did as a family unit in the 1990s.

The Stefanovic brothers, who are made up of Today Show host Karl, Today Show host in-law Peter and Channel 9 cameraman Tom says even they have to admit they still aren’t a universally loved as Lochie, Cameron and Andrew were back when they were the Kings of Australian media.

“It was something [Kerry Packer] brought to my attention when I was first starting out in Willoughby [Channel 9]” says Karl.

“He said, you know, you and your brothers could be the next Daddos if you play your cards right”

“I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was a stitch up. I called Pete and Tom straight away and we bought a carton of blackrats and drove 9 hours to a Delta Riggs gig in a Warehouse in The Goldie. That’s when we started mapping out a plan”

‘It was an amazing day to learn the boss had instilled such confidence in us”

However, after 15 years, the Stefanovics are only just neck and neck with the nation’s most loved Melbourne boys, travel TV hosts, occasional soap stars and voice over extraordinaires – The Daddo boys.

“It’s something we aspire to” says Peter.

“We are nearly there, I’ve pulled a bit of a FitzSimons by marrying into the Today Show, so we’ve got a bit of bargaining power, there”

“Andrew Daddo released the Sprung series, I wrote Hack In A Flak Jacket, pound for pound I think we match each other as authors.

“But I just don’t know if, say, The Sydney Olympics were to happen next year, would it be the Stefanovics hosting from a panel desk overlooking the Harbour?”


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