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A bloke that everyone just assumed would glide into a professional sporting career, or some other role that demanded respect from nerds, has actually proven that high school social status is so very very irrelevant in the greater scheme of thing.

At 28, the once legendary bully named Michael Harby who had the hottest girlfriend who he used to cheat on, is actually at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to post school performances.

And ironically, he can’t make through to lunch without smoking a huge cone.

Now, between fleeting work throwing shit into a skip bin and hundreds of chances working for his old man – he couldn’t be more of a fuck up. It’s so funny.

In fact the highlight of Michael’s life so far has been briefly thinking he had knocked up a chick from the local leagues club accidentally.

While reminiscing about the good old days, as he often does, in the granny flat underneath his parent’s house – Michael  realises he’ll never be as powerful and as important as he was when he was humiliating loser stoners in front of girls at M Block.

“Haha. Fucken nerds” he says

“[bong pull]”



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