A recent report by a local dad, minutes ago has revealed that he wouldn’t mind seeing whats going on with this upcoming bucks.

Kerrod Hamm (65) says he kind of expected an invite to his son Andrew’s bucks next month – but thought that they were all waiting for him to enthusiastically make it known that he was keen to go.

Today he did that.

“So what’s the plan boys” he said to his son and the groomsmen during a suit fitting.

“Who’s organising the bucks?!?”

While Kerrod is initially met with radio silence, he assumed it’s probably because of how excited they all are to here that the big fella is keen to come along.

“Where we going?” he asks, to drive home the fact that he is definitely coming.

Scrambling for answers, the best man inform Kerrod that they are thinking about a low key lunch at Betoota’s premiere day drinking destination La Porchetta, before heading off for a round of golf… Or maybe the other way round.

“Nah” says Kerrod.

“Golf first”

“Don’t wanna be running between tees with a gutful of pasta”

While Kerrod makes a good point, it doesn’t really matter, because the best man and groom have already booked flights and accomodation for the Goldie, which they are now going to have to play off as someone’s birthday – because dad has definitely not been accounted for.

Now faced with the prospect having two bucks parties, one that is PG and one that is completely not PG, Andrew asks his old man if he brought his wallet with him to the tailor.

“Ahh jeez. Steady on tight arse” says the old man.

“Haha. Nah just kidding. I got this. Just a bit of banter boys”

“Don’t you worry, there’ll be plenty more of this at golf hahaha”


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