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It’s official.

Dad “couldn’t eat another friggen thing,” even if he wanted to it has been confirmed.

Albert Johnston, the father of four, dining in his home in the newly established Betoota Golf Course Estate today, told our reporters that he is stuffed.

“That’s it fellas. I am done. I’m fuller than a butchers dog,” he said.

“That was a bloody delicious meal. This is living,” he sighed before yelling out “That was bloody delicious Gill,” to his wife.

Johnstons son, Tony told us that his dad does say the same thing every year.

“Yeah he will probably say it again tomorrow. He does eat a fucking lot though. I mean there is a reason he has a fairly unhealthy BMI.”

Tony said that his dad hoovered up about 4 slices of ham, another of roast chicken, some Turkey and a bit of every salad that was brought to lunch.

“What did he say, something about a butchers dog? He ate like a dog. I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes out the back and throws up.”

We questioned Albert, about whether he will be eating dessert.

“Dessert?! Dessert. Holy moses, I don’t know how I’ll be able to fit it in. But gee Gill makes a stunning pavlova. I’ll have to try and find room,” he laughed.

Tony said that his dad will definitely find room for dessert and most likely for dinner as well.

“Don’t underestimate the big unit” he said.


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