A recent report by the CSIRO has found that a particularly tough pan or pot is best left to soak in lukewarm soapy water for up to three days, or until it becomes someone elses problem.

“It doesn’t matter who’s problem it becomes, as long as it is no longer your problem” says lead researcher, Professor Artie Mogg.

The research paper that was conducted in partnership with the University of Western Queensland’s Betoota campus, studied over sixteen different shared-living and family household

“It could be a wife, husband, partner, or housemate” said Mogg.

“Although this method of washing up does seriously rely on the cleanliness on one’s own co-dependents”

“If you live with people who habitually smoke marijuana out of Gatorade bottles, or have teenage sons, these pots and pans are not going to be dealt with correctly”

The report finds that, as long as you have wiped down the bench top and put everything else away, leaving the most laborious task to soak in the sink overnight is absolutely fine.

“It’s even better if it gets dealt with while you are still asleep or at work” says Mogg.

“But either way it’s a good method of cleaning greasy teflon kitchenware”.


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