A recent report from AAP has found that 90% of online news articles in 2017 are based around arguments that famous people are having about Trump.

AAP News analyst, Sam Backo, says that it’s easier for content writers to fill their daily quotas by scouring social media for something that some random person has said about the Trump administration.

“While criticisms of Trump’s administration are far more common, we find that you can definitely get more clicks if you allude that someone is supporting him. Even if they aren’t”

“Or better yet, when two kind of well known people who aren’t from America berate each other over their differing opinions on American politics. That’s a Junkee journalist’s wet dream”

Backo has also said he believes the trend of publicising celebrity ‘take-downs’ or ‘clapbacks’ are really warping the definition of a ‘good comeback’.

“You can’t say someone ‘roasted’ someone if all they said was ‘I don’t like reading your books’.

“It’s not at all a good comeback”

“Or worse yet, embedding tweets from their own journalists within the article to give their lame one liners more exposure”

“At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what anyone has to say, be it critical or humorous… Donald Trump is still President for the next four years, and these same media outlets are almost 90% responsible for that”


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