Protestors who were banned from protesting against a motion put forward by Brisbane City Council to ban protestors from protesting against the new Queensland state government laws to ban protestors from protesting other stuff, have now been awarded the right to continue protesting the ban on them protesting.

This comes as a Queensland court upheld the rights of civil liberties protesters to march through the streets of Brisbane on Wednesday morning, after the LNP-led city council did their best to not allow authorisation because it would “disrupt traffic” – which is a common inconvenience associated with the democratic right to protest.

This comes as the Queensland Labor government veers even closer to the Sir Joh-era laws of banning more than two people ‘loitering’ in the one place at the same time – in an effort to stop the thousands of environmentalists who are routinely taking to the streets in Brisbane to voice their concerns related to the damage caused by constantly digging up and burning coal directly next to the endangered Great Barrier Reef – and all that other stuff that’s happening to the environment.

The Queensland chief magistrate, Terry Gardiner, ruled that he was not satisfied the council’s bid to refuse permission on grounds the protest would cause significant public disturbance “was reasonable … in a democratic society”.

The court heard the demonstration will be on the roadway for about 15 minutes between the Queen Street Mall and the state parliament, which is 15 minutes too long in the eyes of the coal lobbyists, and their subordinate Labor and Liberal politicians who feel a protest against bans on protesting will only result in more inconvenient protests that may highlight Queensland’s concerning drift away from the grave warnings by 99% of all scientists who say that Australia’s obsession with burning fossil fuels at an accelerating rate will likely irreparably fuck our entire planet over the next decade.

“We did it!” shouted one protestor.

“Now all we have to do is protest against the Premier’s other laws that ban us protesting against her mining interests because of her made up claims that we are hiding butane gas containers and glass fragments in ‘locking devices’ that don’t exist”

“Nearly there”


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