4 August, 2016 10:35


For the last twenty minutes, QLD Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has been struggling to hold back sinister chuckles as her dark sense of humour is entertained by yet another earnest hand-written letter from a desperate Outback farmer.

It has believed that Palaszczuk’s behaviour has given way to a feeling of uneasiness within her office, with even the most city-centric Labor goon staffers giving each other anxious nods.

The Premier’s delightful chuckles of dictatorship coincides with hundreds of Australian farmers march through Brisbane’s CBD today to protest the new State Labor Government’s new vegetation laws, which many believe have been drawn up to appease her Greens preferences in towns where people think marijuana is legal.

“[laughter] Oh my God!” she says.

“This bloke had to take his kids out of boarding school [laughter]”

“Stiff luck. They’ve had it good for too long under Newman. It’s time us Labs got what we wanted. And what we want is the unnecessary growth of introduced plantlife on cattle stations in towns we’ve never visited,”

As the laughter is slowly drowned out by the chants of struggling farmers who have today marched through the Brisbane CBD and on to State Parliament lawns, Palaszczuk says she will not be moved on her decision to make life hard for people who already owe hundreds of thousands to the bank after decades of crippling drought.

The farmers argue the legislation as it stands is working and has let an additional 430,000 hectares of “woody growth” emerge between 2012 and 2014, according to the state government’s own data.

“I guess I better keep away from the Cattleman’s bar this week” she says between what has now become fits of hysterical laughter.

“Lucky most of my voters are more worried about parking metres at South Bank!”


  1. Anna (Captain) Bligh re-born. Both of these THINGS, was, and is a disgrace. Neither of these women had, or has, Qld, or Qldr’s, at heart. I hope those who voted either 1 of them in are happy and proud of themselves..

  2. all our politicians are out of touch with reality, while people battle to survive the hard ship politicians cause they sit in their ivory towers gloating and sniggering and living high on their exorbitant wages and back handed rorts
    This would be the WORST bunch of parasites we have ever had in office both state and federal we need a total clean out

  3. She might be lucky enough to have a property with servants, who can grow enough food, to support her.
    The people in her electorate are going to be a little wiser, of the importance of keeping farmers on the land, through tough times, once the supermarkets only provide expensive , toxic food from poorly regulated countries.
    She is a total failure in regards to jobs & prosperity for Qld.
    Now she is showing how little she knows about agriculture.
    Look forward to the next election .

  4. Farmers are the backbone of the country.Given the opportunity they can help our balance of payments ,feed Australians as well as feeding the world .Grops and cattle don’t run out like mining and they don’t wreck our country as over mining has done .The Qld Premier is not fit to govern

  5. you are destroying qld and make me ashamed to say i was a labor supporter.How dare you think you have the right to let your chinese mates destroy our water and our land with their filthy mines how dare you let them destroy the great barrier reef and how dare you then turn around and destroy the backbone of our country,our farmers, claiming you care for the enviroment .And most of all how dare you treat people like idiots

  6. Without having read the actual letter to the Government one can only go on what has been reported. If this article is accurate, The Premier should be dismissed with a no confidence motion. This comment is equally as bad as any communist dictator could come up with and the letter should be made public through the mainstream media.

  7. You and your party are idiots. Farmers are the backbone of this country and people like you should show some respect. You are not premier material. Sooner you are gone the better for QLD.

  8. Parking Meters is what I think you meant to write unless of course you intended to say parking metres FROM South Bank – either way you have written or used the wrong word in your report which doesn’t exactly give one confidence in the report.

  9. This person is not long for her position when town folk cannot get food supplied by farmers and graziers. She has not even visited her own State’s people to see how they are faring and so is totally ignorant.

  10. Once again, people living in ivory towers so far from the coal face making decisions for people living in rural and remote areas. Get off your fat arses, and travel to these regions, in a car, not private jet. Spend some time with the people, discover their reality, which is blatantly so far from your perception of their reality. You continue to disregard these communities and their people, you won’t be enjoying that prime cut of beef into the future, because there won’t be anyone left to produce the goods. The Ostrich approach won’t work forever!!!

  11. Their kids go to private schools because the Government does not build schools close to where they live.

    What an embarrassment for the premier not to know that. Your snicker just shows how little you know of the struggles of the people who do not live in Brisbane, what a disgrace of a woman you are

  12. Well it is obvious that labour have no idea what is happening in the Queensland farming and grazing areas. To take the piss out of farmers about what they have been putting up with is beyond belief. If all the labour government is worried about is parking meters in down town Brisbane goes to show the educational levels of our leaders and is a fair display why our once great state is going backwards at a faster rate than Zimbabwe. We can only hope at the next election the die hard labour supporters realise how disgraceful there leader has become and now in my opinion is now ranked below Donald Trump.

  13. Hey you bitch, you won’t be laughing when a harvester, tractor, D9 or similar arrives at your front door.

    People are sick and tired of the crap all politicians dish out to the poor bastards like myself, and all the Farmers, Self Employed and so forth. The whole Voting System needs to be changed in my mind.

    Firstly the preference bullshit needs to go, then there should be a representative from each political persuasion in each area of each state. The one that gets the most votes wins.

    The Party who gets the most votes forms the State Parliament.

    Then, all the votes from every state party are added, the one with the most votes forms the Australian Federal Government.

    cookeydownunder, 07/08/2016.

  14. I am all for farmers but this story is utter BS!!!! The Premier wasn’t even in her George St. office when the farmers protest march was on. Annastacia and her mop were over at South Brisbane at GOMA entertaining the Governor of Navada discussing renewable energy when this was happening ……. so how could she be reading a letter to her cabinet??? After that she than went to the RNA grounds for a charity function to raise funds for school kids in Mt Isa and Charters Towers. Whoever wrote this story needs to get his facts correct before publishing rubbish like this!!!!!!!!

  15. Where is the original video so that we can make up our own minds?
    I question any of the legitimacy of this story regardless of my opinion of who it is about.

  16. Always an informative read, I just worry that some people might be taking this all too seriously.

    Bloody red sole drongos

  17. I have lived on and from the land all of my life ( 60 yrs). I know all of the native vegetation plants because I have tried to grow a garden and used native plants. We run cattle on our station which has gidyea that could be cleared. I came originally from a brigalow/belah place where clearing was allowed near Injune. With sensible clearing the difference that it made was amazing. I took someone to visit the other day and they called it God’s own Country!!! This Government has no idea about rural issues and how people on the land love their places wanting to care for their environment and preserve what they have but also improve it!!!!!

  18. Not 100% sure but I suspect most of these comments are coming from people with a few roos loose in the top paddock.
    Mind you, Qld has elected two One Nation senators so it is unlikely intelligence is running rampant up there.


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