Despite the fact that he is currently the definition of a taxi driver’s worst nightmare, local man Willy Rodman (25) feels as though this 4:00 am fare has got to be the best one that this cabbie has had all week.

While travelling back down Vulture street after a night out in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, a severely inebriated Willy tells the driver to take a left at the Gabba, so that he can have a dabble with the breakfast menu at Kangaroo Point Maccas.

While deciding on which drink is going to accompany his monstrous order, Willy feels a sense of shame that he isn’t offering anything to his new mate.

“Do you want anything, mate? My shout” he says to the cabbie.

The drivers’ hesitation in answering the obscure request is mistaken for shyness, as Willy insists that he’ll get the driver the same as what he’s getting.

Speaking to The Betoota Advocate on his way home to bed after dropping Willy off, cab driver Shoaib Rawalpindi says he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s going to do with four mcMuffins, eight hash browns and a large orange juice.

“I told him no”

“He spent more on this order than he did on the fare”

“I already ate. I’m not drunk. I don’t need this shit”


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