LEROY PERCIVAL | Central-Coast Queensland Folk-Rock Editor | CONTACT

A much-anticipated house party was completely ruined recently, as it’s host made the crucial mistake of not stashing his acoustic guitar away before his friend Joel arrived.

In what was gearing up to being a killer party, things took a turn for the worse when the house’s sole tenant, Steve, heard his guitar being tuned by ear in the living room.

“I was so angry at myself” Steve said.

“I’d cued up the sickest playlist for the night. Drake, Cardi B, track, track, track.”

“Then this dickhead Joel just stops the laptop and starts trying to sing Magnolia… Thinking he’s some sort of David Le’aupepe sex god”

In fact the biggest crime of the evening was that when he’d run out of modern music, he started up with the Jack Johnson, John Butler trio stuff. A homage to that chilled out surf rock from mid way through last decade”

Against all efforts to silence Joel, it was clear he was in the zone, a zone that was not shared by the rest of the party, whom just stepped around him and tried not to egg him on.

When the opening notes to Jack Johnson’s ‘Taylor’ rang out, Steve and his friends began waiting out the front for their Uber’s to arrive.


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