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Sam (50) and Tracey Martin (48) aren’t quite sure what to make of one of their sons latest habits.

The parents of Anthony Martin (19) have always seen the eldest of three as a bit of a golden child.

He performed reasonably well in last year’s HSC and they were pleasantly surprised by his decision to keep living in the family home for the first year of his Economics degree.

However, the young man’s recent practice of lighting sandalwood incense in his room has baffled his boomer parents.

“Is it like a new age spiritual thing?” asked Tracey.

“He was into Bob Marley there for a little while I guess, but he never wore those weird poncho’s or anything like that.”

“It’s not like we are bothered or anything by it, but it’s just a bit odd don’t you think,” said his father Sam.

“He just has been disappearing into his room lately and reemerging on the wave of a big waft of incense. We are just confused, that’s all.”

“You don’t think he is getting into some weird hippy cult shit, do you? What do they even teach em at uni these days?” asked Sam.

The loving but naive parents told The Advocate that he only responds to their probing questions with “I like it cause it smells nice, okay. Give it a rest please.”


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