Barnaby Joyce joins Barack Obama as another high-profile political figure who enjoys wearing Budgy Smugglers

2 December, 2015 10:05


PALOMA PAGE, France —  Over the next two weeks, 30,000 diplomats and delegates will labor to hammer out a new global pact that would, for the first time, commit nearly every country on earth to enact new policies to reduce their planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions.

However, one of the biggest international names to attend the COP21 summit has already decided to take a break from forging what many called the planet’s last, best hope to stave off the worst consequences of Climate Change.

After delivering stirring opening speach to the UN, President Obama has decided to take a quick trip to the iconic beach village of Paloma Page, to take in the radiant mediterranean sun with his security detail.

A spokesperson from the White House has confirmed that Obama’s absence from the summit was encouraged by fellow UN delegates, as some of the more important leaders have been urged to take a few days off while the “less important issues of climate change are discussed” by smaller nations on the front-line of rising sea level.

“The USA, Russia, Canada and Brazil have clarified that they will all be leaving Le Bourget while the smaller, island nations discuss immediate action towards climate change. Particularly that of rising sea-levels and mass-migration,”

In the meanwhile, Obama has created quite a stir as different media outlets discuss his choice of swimwear.

“President Obama was pictured enjoying himself on the beaches of Southern France – wearing nothing but the iconic Australian swimmers known as ‘Budgy Smugglers’” reported Michael Di Stefeni from BuzzFeed Oz.

“His entire security detail was also kitted out in a range of Budgy Smugglers. It was a very European look.”

While Michelle Obama is yet to comment on whether or not the Budgy Smugglers are going to be a recurring wardrobe item for Mr Obama, many political commentator have pointed out that Mr Obama’s new look is eerily similar to that of Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

President Putin also appears to be a fan of the iconic Australian swimwear line
President Putin also appears to be a fan of the iconic Australian swimwear line

Several months ago, the Russian leader was also photographed wearing a pair of the iconic Australian “Banana Hammocks” while holidaying in Siberia. Kremlin spokesman, Kosztya Vasilyevna Glinskaya, gave comment about the President’s colourful new look at the time:

“President Putin has taken a liking to Australian swimwear. This particular set of swimmers were in the APEC 2014 ‘showbag’ handed out by Australian representatives traveling with Prime Minister Abbott,”


It is not yet known if President Obama’s pair of Budgy Smugglers is also one that was received in the gift-bags handed out by former-Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott at APEC.

Current Australian Prime Minister, Macolm Turnbull, says he is “flattered” by both Obama and Putin’s love for Australian-made products.

“Now let’s see if we can’t do something about the melting ice caps,” said Turnbull.

“Because I’ll tell you one thing, Obama can’t be helping things that body in our waters [laughter]”


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