A local cryptoprenuer has explained to The Advocate today why now is actually a great time to invest in digital currency.

The reasonably young man who has recently moved back into his parent’s house in Betoota Grove, talked our reporters through why the Cryptocurrency Market is ripe for the picking.

Jordan Fotherington (24), who used to live in a French Quarter share house until he blew the majority of his yearly income at the start of the year on an array of different crypto coins in a greed-addled spending spree, said that he wished he actually more money right now.  

“Yeah, it’s a real shame I am a bit cash poor at the moment,” Fotherington said.

“Like asset wise, I have a portfolio that could be worth a first home if everything works out down the road, but yeah in terms of cash flow I am a little bit strapped at the moment.”

“Anyway, you aren’t here to hear me talk about that sort of stuff. If you look at the charts and do some really solid trade analysis, you will see that a heap of these coins could easily moon [appreciate exorbitantly] in the next few months or years,” he said while trying to show our reporters some charts with red lines drawn on them using MS paint.

The social media agency employee, who’s still trying to justify turning his girlfriend’s $2,000 investment into the cost of a night at a 3.5-star hotel in the CBD, said that he understands some people may think he is a fool but that ‘the strongest kite fights the wind.’

Fotherington’s long-suffering friend Karl Nitschke detailed to the Advocate his mate’s manic few months of shilling ‘shitcoins.’

“There was a period there were almost every day he was going on about some fucking scam coin in the group chat with a couple of our other mates,” Nitschke said.

“AusCoin? Tron? Bitcoin Cash? Dogecoin, a coin made after a meme that has no legitimate purpose.”

“Buy high sell low is the motto he seems to be following at the moment.”

Nitschke told us that he enjoys asking Fotherington when the coins are going to ‘moon.’

“Yeah all of us do. Oi Foz (Fotherington), that Auscoin mooned yet? We always ask him,” Nitschke said.

“He blows up.”

More to come.


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