World No. 1 Novak Djokovic has showed up halfway through his own match, after previously pulling out just minutes before his scheduled start time.

Djokovic fronted media in Adelaide this morning before he was scheduled to feature in the first event of the Australian tennis summer

He told reporters he was looking forward to his first match since completing his 14 days of quarantine — but immediately rumours began swirling that he was pulling out.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t step in on the court from the beginning,” he told the Adelaide crowd.

Djokovic was reported to have initially withdrawn as a result of “multi-layered blisters on his right hand”.

He confirmed after the match that he needed to receive treatment on the blisters and did not feel up to playing a full competitive match.

This was after he was spotted sitting alone in a North Adelaide park.

Throughout this bizarre day of twists and turns in world tennis, the only thing that makes sense is the multi-layered blister.

Due to the cultural barriers, Novak Djokovic was unable to recognise that he comes across as a bit how ya going by openly admitting to suffering from debilitating hand blisters after spending two weeks alone in a hotel room.

“How’d ya get them ahaha” asks one Australian reporter.

“Bit of iso-bation or what? hahah” asked another.

“Whipping the ears of it huh? haha” said another.

Kyng Kyrios is yet to take to Twitter to make a similar crack, but it is expected within the next couple of hours.


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