The National Institute of Dramatic Art, Australia’s most prestigious acting and theatre school has today announced several new disciplines will be added to their curriculum, aimed at preparing young women for the hurdles presented when chasing a career in Hollywood.

The new subjects will include, Correct Handling Of Pepper-Spray Canisters 101, Womens Self Defence 220, How To Outrun An Obese Hollywood C-nt Wearing A Bathroom 130 and the world renowned Identifying Male Colleagues Who Will Take Your Side When You Inevitable Get Harrassed.

This comes after a New York Times investigation last week detailed claims by multiple women of unwanted physical contact and harassment by Hollywood powerbroker Harvey Weinstein over three decades.

Weinstein, who initially apologised but later threatened to sue, has since been fired as co-chairman of the Weinstein Company due to the fallout from the Times story, with upwards of thirty actresses, and more popping up every day, who have come forward as victims of both harassment and assault.

NIDA has been an Australian national education and training institute for students in the performing arts since 1958. Traditionally educating students in performance and production for theatre, film and television, it is now offering young female actors the opportunity to learn women’s self defence.

NIDA’s director Thea Spian, says it’s such a shame they didn’t have the resources for this kind of stuff in the eighties when our most famous Hollywood exports were studying there, names that include Mel Gibson, Cate Blanchette and Hugo Weaving.

“Ever since all that drama in the Sydney colleges happened this year, there’s been a fair bit of funding going towards womens self defence”

“I think our graduates need these resources as much as anyone”


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