With his career in Federal politics soon to be at an end, South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon has decided to get a taste of one the vices he has been working towards outlawing his entire professional life.

It is believed that the prominent independent has been ‘stressed out’ in recent months after it was revealed that he might have violated the ban on foreign citizens sitting in parliament, outlined in Section 44 of the constitution, because he was unwittingly considered a UK citizen at the time of the last federal election.

The influential South Australian crossbencher was born in Adelaide, but his parents were born in Greece and Cyprus respectively.

Today, with a pending High Court decision on his mind, and a resignation announcement just last week, the 58-year-old career politician decided to dabble with a slap.

The Independent Senator in South Australia and the leader of the Nick Xenophon Team has for a long time claimed that he just wants to tackle Australia’s issues, and after building on a succesfully career in politics off the back of a strong anti-gambling platform – it appears the ‘Hilltop Hood’ has crumbled to the mystique surrounding electronic poker machines.

“Just a twenty can’t hurt” he says to himself.

As luck, which Mr Xenophon doesn’t believe in, would have it, he was treated to the flashing lights and exciting noises of a feature prize.

“Should I go the ten point tomb!?” he joyfully asks an advisor, unsure of which specific prize option he should choose.

“Go the ten pointer Mr Senator” says his aide.

“Jeez. These aren’t too bad at all. Now I get it” he says after the feature completes.

“I’m up like $14 dollars. Should I take it out?”

“Nah. I’ll just play it down to twenty”

Senator Xenophon played it down to 3 cents before giving up because he didn’t know how to orchestrate 1 cent spins.




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