Outrage has swept across Australia at the recent news that 87% of tomatoes grown on a commercial Queensland farm were rejected due to not fitting aesthetic criteria. One such citizen is Nonno Joe Cavarretta, who shed a tear at the news, thinking about all the lost potential pasta sauce.

“They make (sic) a terrible mistake. All those tomatoes is still good and they throw them away! Idiots!”

While Cavarretta is not alone in his disdain for the waste of perfectly good Australian produce, according to his wife Sofie Cavarretta, the news has had a serious impact on her husband of 40 years.

“No, he’s not happy about the tomatoes. He yell (sic) so much that his voice hurts. And his arms is saw from the hand signals”

For Giuseppe Cavarretta, this issue highlights greater problems with food in Australia.

“Australians these days, they don’t care about real food. They don’t want the real pasata, they want that crap from Dolmio. And start me on Dolmio because those ads are racist!”

“We could have been making pasta for nothing at the restaurant for the last 30 years”

It was at this point we left Cavarretta to finish his espresso and tend to his veggie garden in peace.


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