A bid to decriminalise abortion in NSW is being debated today, after a bill aimed at reforming the 119 year old legislation was put forward.

The bill put forward by Alex Greenwich has driven a wedge through the Liberal party, with protestors clashing out the front of Parliament House.

Senile NSW Christian Democrat Senator Fred Nile says Jesus would be ashamed if he heard that the state had introduced 150-metre exclusion zones around abortion clinics and service providers to protect women against harassment and intimidation by pro-life protesters.

“Our lord Jesus Christ was always quite vocal about his opposition to the early first-trimester medical abortion regimens of using mifepristone in combination with a prostaglandin analog, misoprostol or gemeprost, when up to 9 weeks gestational age, as well as methotrexate in combination with a prostaglandin analog up to 7 weeks gestation, or a prostaglandin analog alone.”

“He said New South Wales especially should never allow this”

“Australia didn’t exist as a colony back then, but he just knew”

The private member’s bill, if voted through will remove abortion from the Crimes Act and bring the state’s termination laws in line with other jurisdictions in Victoria, Tasmania and the ACT.

Currently, abortion is only legal in NSW when a woman’s physical or mental health is considered at risk – which was one of Jesus’ few exceptions when it came to obstetrics and gynecology in 2019.


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