One local Betoota Ponds grandmother has revealed that she is officially cheering for Tim Tszyu in tonight’s IBF Australasian super welterweight match in Townsville, after learning that he is Kostya’s boy.

Meredith Longbottom (85) didn’t know there was a boxing match on tonight, but after learning that her son had booked the main event, she’s decided to stick around after dinner and watch it with the family.

While her sons and grandkids are backing the Tim Tszyu’s Queenslander opponent, Brisbane schoolteacher Jeff Horn, Meredith has decided to declare her loyalty to Kostya’s son.

That is, on the assumption that the junior Tszyu is just as polite has darling father was when Meredith used to watch his fights a decade ago.

After defecting from the collapsing Soviet Union in the early 1990s and relocating to Sydney, Kostya Tszyu became a naturalised Australian sporting icon when he began training in iconic Marrickville boxing gym owned by his coach Johnny Lewis.

Considered by many boxing experts as the number one light-welterweight of the 2000s, Kostya earned himself a place in the hearts of every mother and grandmother in Australia, for his good manners and exotic hairstyle.

“Oh he’s just as handsome as his father” says Nan, as the pre-match entertainment begins.

“That’s who I’m cheering for! Go Timmy!”

“Just look at the way he shakes hands, he’s so polite. They are such a lovely family”

“It’s a shame he doesn’t have the ratty like his father, he’s only young”


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