Local girl Angela Mathieson (21) is counting down the days until bikini weather, it has been confirmed.

Her uncharacteristic 10am Instagram upload of her wearing very little in a bathroom selfie has been richoceted around social media, with both her male and female friends sending screenshots to one another.

It is not yet known if this photo was taken during summer, or last night after a new online shopping order arrived, however the relatively natural tan suggests it might be from  over Christmas.

One thing that has been confirmed is that her like-rate has jumped close to 50%.

The photo, which was taken in the bathroom at her parents house where she lives, is simply captioned with “Missing Summer”.

Since the introduction of smartphones and photo sharing platforms, the Missing Summer Selfie has become a common practice for single and nearly single Australian women who are missing Summer, and also looking good.

With flame emojis peppering the comments from some of her closest frenemies, onlookers think that Angie may be entering a new phase of social media use.

After close to two years without a long-term boyfriend and a new high-paying job, it appears Angie is hitting her straps.

Greg, a local bloke that used to go out with one of Angie’s older sister’s friends says he’s very interested in seeing where this goes, and he wonders whether or not she noticed his like.

“Did you see that photo Ange put up?” he asks twenty mates in a WhatsApp group.

“Yes” says every single one of them.


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