Channel Nine has once again managed to pull off a vague but passionate comparison between the Aussie men who risked their lives to fight in WW1, and the young Aussie men who play rugby league football professionally.

Top NRL officials have today lauded fans of the six different ANZAC Day/Week after ANZAC Day clashes.

This comes after a record breaking 9 second moment of silence. Initially meant to be a ‘minute’s silence’ – the NRL has in recent years repackaged the commemoration tradition into a non-specific ‘moment of silence’ – so as to not keep the punters waiting too long.

The emotions of cross-town rugby league rivalries, described by some Channel 9 commentators as “pretty much exactly the same as war” – were put on hold for a near sixth of a minute before the first cries of “yeeeeeew” and “fuck yeah doooooggggiiies” were heard.

“They’ve really impressed this year” said one NRL executive.

“You could have heard a fuckin pin drop. Usain Bolt could have run 100m in that time, almost”

He said the constant talk of the ANZAC Spirit and fallen soldiers has lifted the players to new heights.

“It was heartfelt, you could tell.”

“ANZAC Day used to just be a one-day thing, but with this new ANZAC Week that Channel 9 have created, we’ve got heaps of spirit to go round”

“I could barely wait to see them get out there to start eye-gouging and rubbing dirt in people’s faces.”


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