5 September, 2016 13:30


Local man, Duncan McGrath (28) has literally never once thought about his own body image in a negative light.

Despite being a solid buck with change and quite often indulging in consolation food [deep fried goods], Duncan McGrath has always seemed to do well with the women and is relatively fit for a husky bloke.

While excelling through life with a unique skill set, usually only held by larger Australian males, Dunc’s ‘extra baggage’ has helped him impress family members by his ability to throw children up to 10 metres from his shoulders in swimming pools – as well as knocking rolling mauls in rugby matches with his sheer body weight.

“It’s always been good to me, the wheatbag,” says Dunc.

“The woman love to rub it and touch it and stuff. I’ve always been a real utility on the footy field,”

Duncan maintains that, up until yesterday, he always thought he was in peak physical condition. That was until his mates suggested he might have an ordinary rig

“My mates suggested I should enter in the Search For Australia’s Most Ordinary Rig” he says.

“I was bloody offended!”

“They can’t talk, either! Rocky’s rig looks something I drew with my bloody left hand,”

“and Bentsy looks like a retired Mark Riddell,”

However, as McGrath was quick to find out, the Search For Australia’s Most Ordinary Rig – is a celebration of all male body types. Hosted as a Victoria’s Secret Style catwalk show at Sydney’s Ivy Pool Bar.

“Apparently it’s for charity, and I get to dress up like a Budgy Smuggler Fallen Angel. I reckon I’m a good shot at this thing if I can make it as a finalist.

Hosted by Clancy Overall and Errol Parker, Editors at large for the Betoota Advocate, as the iconic swimwear brand Budgy Smuggler search for and name Australia’s Most Ordinary Rig.

This coveted title will see the winner win 10 pairs of custom smugglers with pictures of themselves across the smugglers and the title of Australia’s Most Ordinary Rig.

While Dunc knows its not gonna be easy, he says he’s putting in the hard yards until October 15.

“I’m making a point of staying in doors so that my rig is extra pale. I’m also putting butter on everything. Have you ever had fruit salad with butter? It’s delicious.”



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