4 September, 2016 13:10


Local Dad, Richard Hartnell (55) is in a weirdly vibrant mood considering he’s just woken up from a post-boozy lunch Father’s Day nap.

Starting the afternoon with roughly 6-8 cans of XXXX Gold with his adult sons and wife, Louella, over a Sunday roast – Mr Hartnell pulled up stumps at around 4ish, by making tracks towards the upstairs master bedroom from a bit of a nap.

After eight painstakingly obvious minutes, he was also joined by his wife – who had just finished micromanaging the post-lunch clean-up.

Two hours later, his sons were very much aware that he hadn’t slept much – given that the entire house had been rattled by the consistent bumps and jolts of moving furniture.

“Ahhh I just went out like I log,” says Dad, while still visibly red in the face and rather puffed.

“Your mother’s just having a bit of a shower. Got any ideas for dinner?”

“Any of youse got a cigarette?”



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