12 January, 2016 17:30


Local community groups in the US have rallied against President Obama’s proposed Explosive Detonator Laws, which, if passed, would subject all individuals who want to buy explosive detonators to a background check and the compulsory fulfilment of a 3 page form.

In recent years, explosive detonators have increasingly become the first choice of protection for individuals hoping to protect their family homes from unwanted intruders.

“The concept is quite simple,” states Ray McCarther, a spokesperson for the Southern community group, Protect Our Families.

“You hook up an explosive detonator to your front and back doors, and maybe your windows if you like a bit of air flow, and if an unwelcome intruder comes…..BANG. Family Secured.”

Unfortunately however, recent cases involving the deaths of boy scouts and elderly carol singers have resulted in heavy criticism of the devices, triggering a federal investigation.

As a result, the proposed background checks will likely make it much more difficult for local families in the future to access such devices.

“It’s a load of bull,” states Mr McCarther. “We know our rights. If we want to protect our families with an explosive detonator, then we should have the freedom as American citizens to express such rights.”

“It is also vital to this argument that citizens remember that explosive detonators don’t kill people. People kill people.”

“America is the greatest nation on earth. Obama is trying to change that”

Heavy criticism has also been directed towards the paperwork an individual will need to complete in order to attain an explosive detonator licence.

“How can I protect my family in the face of all this paperwork,” states Beau Finch, who describes himself as a local man just wanting to protect his family.

“Every form that I have to fill out is another minute a terrorist or murderer could be endangering my children.”

Mr Finch is particularly frustrated by the necessary police check required before an individual can gain access to an Explosive Detonator.

“Alright, think of it this way,” Mr Finch insists “If I’m down at the police station completing those files, not only am I unable to protect my family, but neither are the police because their too busy completing these damn forms.”

As a solution, Bill cites using the presumption of innocence, inherent in the 5th amendment of the constitution.

“How about instead of making innocent men who just want to protect their families fill out these forms, why not make these forms only compulsory for individuals who have previously used an explosive detonator in a criminal way.”

“That should sort out the good from the bad, reduce paperwork and keep our communities safer.

Mr Finch also insisted on ending the interview on a high, stating, “American is the greatest nation on Earth. Obama is trying to change that.”



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