A local dad has last night braced himself for the worst.

A phone call at 9:35pm to Peter Scholls (65) landline had Pete and his family convinced somebody had died. Despite the unorthodox hour of the call, it turns out it was just a regular phone call.

A relief to the family, however, the silver lining was lost on Pete, who is absolutely fuming.

“Who the bloody hell is calling at this hour?” Pete barked rhetorically, having to pause Lethal Weapon 2, part of his favourite Mel Gibson tetralogy.

“Hello. Yeah, Jack, what’s the matter? Who died? Is it Aunty Josie?”

Pete’s brother, Jack, called in what are commonly known as ‘the emergency hours’ the hours between 9:00pm – 5:30am where if a phone call is made, it is almost certainly bad news.

The Advocate understands that Jack wasn’t calling to relay any tragic news, however he was in fact down at the local pub with a few beers under his belt.

“Nah mums fine. Ay Pete, remember when you got that gecko tattoo? Man, that was pissa” Jack drunkenly reminisces.

Not in the mood for a walk down memory lane, Pete cut the conversation short.

“Bloody hell Jack, wake up to yourself. You know not to call me after 9, now fuck off” scolded Pete before slamming down the receiver.

While many people may not know about the emergency hours, the advocate can confirm that over 70 per cent of phone calls made during those hours are in fact related to death or another form of serious injury. The other 30 per cent are calls from drunk revellers, like Jack.

More to come.


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