“We will get through this together!” shouted Bob Katter MP, as the crowd cheered.

“These troubled times require input from every man and woman across this wide brown land!!”

“… But nothing happens without you. We owe EVERYTHING to you, the women who turned up here today!!!!”

The March4Justice protestors were just as surprised as the organisers of today’s event were to see the maverick North Queensland Independent make his way to the stage today.

In fact they were so shocked that no one said anything when he asked if he could speak.

The March4Justice protests yesterday saw hundreds of thousands of protesters gathered at 42 different locations around the country to rally against the sexual assault, discrimination and harassment of women.

High profile politicians walked out of Parliament House at midday yesterday, led by Penny Wong, Sarah Hanson Young and Anthony Albanese and trailed by other young staffers – many of whom take great issue with the prospect of being sexually assaulted by high ranking superiors in their own workplace.

After arriving late today at Parliament House, it seems the honourable Bob Katter III might have confused today’s protestors with yet another Country Women’s Association drought fundraiser.

As is the case when visiting some of the drought-stricken rural towns in his electorate, Bob Katter just assumed that it would be very much appreciated for him to say a few words.

With not one of the March4Justice organisers intervening as he jumped on stage and reached for the microphone, the rambling Member for Kennedy had full reign for close to twenty minutes.

“People are suffering out there!” shouted Bob Katter, as the crowd roared in support of message.

“Suffering in bloody silence! It’s NOT good enough!”

Katter then stood still and pointed towards Parliament House.

“And these bastards couldn’t give a stuff about youse!”

Tens of thousands of protestors continued to cheer, as the 75-year-old embraced the hypercharged feminist energy.

Unfortunately, the mood changed dramatically when Katter began asking where the tucker was.

“Now, the thing I love most about you lot is the good work you do in the kitchen!”

“Someone take me to the cake stalls. I wanna put a ribbon on the winner!”

The cheers slowly turned into boos as a confused Bob Katter wrapped up his speech.

“Steady on you lot” he said.

“I’m only here to judge who makes the best pumpkin scones! Don’t shoot the messenger. This is how it works!”

The Member For Kennedy was then guided off the stage by Julia Zemiro, as the crowd began to pelt eggs at him.

Katter was last seen making a dash for Parliament House, while very loudly insisting that these women stop wasting ingredients.


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