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After nine-months unpaid interning, Aaron Loxton (22) has taken the first creative liberty of his new career as a junior copywriter by editing his Tinder bio to state he is a ‘writer.’

“It’s basically the truth though. I write ads, that’s no different to writing a book or a screenplay which I also do anyway.”

While the lion share of Loxton’s 10 hour work day consists of arguing with account managers, conducting ‘research’ on Reddit and rewriting ads to include text specifically provided by the client, he maintains that ‘writer’ provides interested parties with a realistic depiction of what he does.

“I toyed around with the idea of using ‘Wordsmith’ but writer has just such a timeless class to it. Really lets my matches know I’m a soulful guy.”

No stranger to Tinder, Loxton hopes the classic appeal of the term ‘writer’ sets him apart from other men on Tinder who have less interesting jobs with a substantially higher income.

“Have you seen the annual income for a junior copywriter? I basically am a starving writer. Don’t let anyone say I haven’t suffered for my art.”

When asked about the art he had suffered for in question, Loxton referred us to a Yellow Pages magazine ad and in-store display for Don Skinless Continental Frankfurts.

“It’s not easy money, Yellow Pages is a nightmare. That ‘not happy Jan’ ad from 15 years ago is still a bloody hard act to follow.”

Whether or not you believe Loxton to be deceiving women on Tinder, it cannot be denied his rate of matches has remained the same.

“Yeah, I still get hardly any. Reckon I’ll get my art director to take a black and white photo of me smoking a rollie for my profile because it works for him.”

“Mind you, his profile also says he’s an ‘artist.’”


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