You might not have been aware, but the Battle for Brisbane 2.0 takes place tonight.

The lead up to the fight has been incredibly quiet, based upon the fact Jeff ‘The Hornet’ Horn will be going toe to toe against someone not named Manny Pacquiao.

“Who the fuck is this bloke?” asked Brisbane punter James Alderson today.

“Oh are they fighting tonight? Huh? On a Wednesday? What? The only sporting event that should be on a Wednesday is State of Origin,”

“8 in a row boys,” he said before strolling off down Queen Street Mall.

Jeff Horn’s promoter Dean Longeran confirmed to the Advocate that the fact that they couldn’t get the Filipino champion was a real let down.

“Yeah it’s a been a real struggle to build any momentum around this thing. It doesn’t help that Jeff doesn’t talk any shit. He is just a quiet well mannered young man. It’s annoying,” he said.

“Boxers are supposed to be mouthier than a pissed Irish tradie on a Friday evening, not well behaved school teachers who sit in the press conference smiling and nodding.”

Longeran said that he just can’t help that Jeff is white bread.

“I asked him to get up and reach across the table and try and grab him, or throw something at him, or even just pick up a chair and look a bit violent, but he doesn’t have it in him.”


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