13 September, 2016. 10:10

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Jarryd Hayne has this mornining fronted a press conference at his the head offices of his most recent professional sporting club, the Gold Coast Titans.

Alongside Titans CEO Graham Annesley, Hayne announced that he has yet another lifelong dream to recognise. Becoming a fully-patched member of the Hells Angels.

This announcement comes as footage of the rugby league superstar has been leaked by Fairfax media, which shows him partying with an alleged Hells Angels gang member.

The video – which has been stripped from the social media platform ‘Snapchat’ – has been referred to the NRL Integrity Unit, the NRL has confirmed.

Following the Titans’ loss to the Broncos on Friday night, it is believed ‘Haynesy’ drove back to the ‘Goldie’ to party with Chris Bloomfield, a former Gold Coast under-20s player and alleged Hells Angels member.

In the video, Bloomfield can be seen holding up a wad of cash to the camera and saying: “Sweet. Haynesy just gave me five grand”.

The camera then shows Hayne, who is sitting behind Bloomfield and who at first appears to be looking at his phone. Hayne responds by saying: “Cash money fam, cash money fam.”

Speaking to the media today, Hayne says he’s disappointed his fans had to find out about his new direction through a leaked video, but wants them to know that he will be making a big effort to fulfil his commitments both to the Titans and to the Outlaw Motorcycle Club.

“Look, it’s always been a dream. And if you don’t try your hand at these things, you’ll always be left wondering ‘What if?'” he said.

“I am certain I will be able to do both. I mean, look at Sonny Bill… He was able to play for the Roosters, All Blacks and fight in professional boxing matches all in the same year,”

“My biggest challenge is whether or not my commitment to the Hillsong Church is going to be compromised. But that’s not a concern for the every day punter. The fact is, I’m playing great footy and Fox Sports worships me.”

Titans CEO Graham Annesley says the club welcomes Jarryd Hayne’s role as an unofficial community liason officer in the greater Gold Coast community.

“The bottom line is, we are a Gold Coast club. We need to appeal to everyday people,”

“On the Gold Coast, Bikies are every day people,”





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