Outgoing Ipswich mayor, Paul Pisasale, is considering another a run at politics after voters repsonded favourably to him spending last night in lock-up over assault and extortion charges.

The 65-year-old was remanded in custody after his appearance at an anti-corruption questioning finished with him being charged with multiple offences, including extortion.

The Sicillian Stallion, who was last month found with a breifcase carrying $50,000 in cash at Melbourne airport, is expected to appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court today.

Ipswich locals have reportedly taken well to the news that the embattled politician is ‘one of them’ – with recent Newspolls showing a 98% approval rating amongst voters.

“He’s a real G” says local concreter, Iosefa Vatuvai.

“Sounds like he knows how to throw hands as well. He’s got my vote”

Paul Pisale became a household name in greater Queensland during the 2010 floods, where he was quoted saying that looters ‘should be used as flood signs’ – his unorthdox brand of politics is believed to be well-recieved by all of his constituents, many of whom also flirt with the wrong side of the law.

“Give him a fucken break” says Ipswich Jets Canteen mum, Stacey Rockwell (55).

“He’s done more this area than anyone else”

“You try and be a mayor of a city that has sinkholes opening up in suburban streets for no reason”

“I stand by the mad bastard”



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