An avid Betoota-based Instagram user has today given a kick to her most recent upload – by describing the photograph with a spaced out caption.

While the photograph shows her enjoying a pretty standard Sunday barbecue with friends, local girl Sophia has decided to stretch out her description of the afternoon by emphasising what day it is using the spacebar.

“F R I D A Y S” reads the caption that the 25-year-old tax accountant spent roughly 46 minutes drafting, before deciding that her followers probably already know the name of the person in the photograph, and most probably know where she was at the time – deciding finally to zero in on the time of the week it was taken.

The initial twenty minutes of Sophia’s upload were quite tense, but gradually the likes starting rolling in to bring her to the current 126 she now sits on.

“I kind of put it down to the time of the day I posted it” she says.

“Early Monday mornings can often be a bit tough – but I knew the photo itself was strong”

The photograph, which shows Sophie blowing a kiss to the camera in her living room while wearing a body-hugging cocktail dress proved a hit with her followers, of which the most intrigued were the boyfriends of her friends.

“I’m just glad it reached it’s potential, the caption was perfect. I contemplated going no-spaces but that would have meant I’d have to go heavy on the emojis and I’m just not the kind of girl”

“Not now days anyway”



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