Inner-city-ute-owner, Ben Barrink (24) has spent the last four minutes trying to carefully place his dog in the tray of his Holden ute.

With his 18 month old collie trying her best to be let go and not be lifted up, Ben says he can’t believe how some people get 3 or four so dogs in their tray in the bush.

“My missus reckons sometimes all these blokes do is whistle and the dogs jump in. Yeah right”

“Look how high up it is”

Ben reveals that he almost got the ute fitted with a dog cage when he bought it – but decided against it because he thought it might lessen the amount of furniture he could fit on the tray when helping people move house.

“Should I get a rope to tie him up?” he asks one of our reporters.

“I usually put him in the cab with me, but I’ve got some bags of garden fertilizer in there with me today”



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