Inner-city leftie, Francis Grace (51) has topped up his glass of Penfolds Barossa Shiraz and curled up on the couch just in time for his beloved ABC Monday night line-up. 4Corners, Q&A and Lateline.

“I used to watch Australian Story religiously as well, but I just can’t bare the amount of mouth-breathing sportsmen they feel the need to give oxygen to” he says.

“But tonight, I feel like I should tune in. Apparently its about this Ice thing I keep hearing about”

After a twenty-year career as a landscape architecture draftsman specialising in beachfront parklands, Francis says he has a keen interest in both local, federal and international politics.

He says it’s good for all self-identifying progressives to keep a close eye on the issues that affect both sides of politics – however, he admits he hasn’t been paying attention recently.

“I’ve just been so caught up in this whole post-Trump world, I feel as though I feel I haven’t been looking at my own backyard…”

While claiming that he is ‘quite well read’ on the complexities of this current Syrian Civil War, Standing Rock Pipeline fiasco, and Australian housing crisis… Francis admits that he has little to no understanding of the crystal meth plague currently taking over Australian regional areas.

After watching tonight’s Breaking Good episode on Australian Story, Francis says he can’t believe how badly the spread of this drug has been managed in ‘these flyover towns’.

“I thought Ice was initially one of those things that people in the bush wanted to complain about just to create a fuss. Like drought and farming tariffs. But apparently ice is quite popular”

“I wouldn’t say it’s as much of a ‘plague’ as cocaine was when I first moved to Paddington in the 80’s [laughter]”

“But yeah, apparently it’s really bad… It makes you wonder…”

“…I guess the National Party aren’t the great white hope for those rednecks after all. If they can’t even keep Ice out of a couple two horse brothel towns, what can they do?”




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