Commonwealth Games high-jumper, Brandon Starc, has today revealed to Channel Seven reporters the secret behind his gold medal success.

Apparently it all comes down to jumping high.

Starc has forged his way into the households of Australia with this Gold medal performance last night, where he will join his Test cricketer brother Mitchell.

The last remaining scandal-free Australian cricketer was among the first to congratulate his brother on his victory last night at Carrara stadium.


In an interview with Channel Seven reporters on the trackside after last night’s win, Brandon Starc let viewers back home in on his high-jumping strategy.

“What were you most focused on, heading into the final?” asked the random reporter who doesn’t usually have anything to do with athletics.

Brandon dwelled on the question for a close to minute, before revealing all.

“Basically” he said.

“What I was most focused on, was, ummm, you know…”

“I just had to focus on jumping high”

The nameless reporter then took the chance to tell Brandon that he should be proud of himself.

“You should be proud of yourself for winning gold” said the reporter.

“Thanks mate” said Brandon.

The reporter, not yet finished with this interview, then proceeded to ask Brandon the question everyone back home was waiting to hear asked.

“Must feel good?”

Brandon said it did feel good.

“Yeah. It does” said Brandon.


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