NSW Health Officials say that Australia’s largest city is now at the centre of an outbreak of a dangerously infectious disco fever.

Initially thought to have been completely contained in Australia, the chesty corona infection has spread rapidly throughout Sydney, following the 2022 Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Authorities have been warning that the Corona-virus, particularly the debut track, may have been laying dormant in the LGBTIQA+ community for many years.

These grave concerns became a reality over the weekend.

Initially formed by Brazilian-born singer and model Olga Maria de Souza, Corona first found commercial success with worldwide hits “The Rhythm of the Night” (1993) and were lucky enough to land another hit in the shape of “Baby Baby” (1995) on their second album.

Outside of the early 1990s, this band is very seldom heard – except for on ad-free classic hits FM radio stations and in European bus terminals.

That was until Saturday night, where the infectious Corona-virus came roaring back into Sydney’s CBD aboard hundreds of floats and inside the last 3 gay clubs that have survived the NSW lock-out laws.

Scientists are working around the clock to find a cure for the infectious Corona outbreak, however, many have simply given up and are now waiting for the NRL to start – at which point this Corona virus will be snuffed out by a change in ‘seasons’ – which is simply the best.

Any Sydney residents who are now feeling lethargic and blocked up after a big couple days at Mardi Gras are being advised by medical professionals to head down to Redleaf beach and flirt with the visitors.


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