Charlotte experienced a lot of things in her last 4 months in the Northern Hemisphere. Aside from the cuisine, fashion and sightseeing – she’s also learnt what a real Winter feels like.

With the temperature dropping below 15 degrees in Betoota this afternoon, Charlotte isn’t even bothering with long sleeves.

“Haha, you call this cold?” she asks her friends over lunch.

“In Canada people wear like six layers because it’s like sub zero for like half of the year”

Without being prompted, Charlotte then begins a lengthy explanation of how good the capers and cream cheese are in Finland, and how like when you are cold, it actually is the best meal.

As her skin begins to form goosebumps, Charlotte continues explaining how she isn’t even feeling cold because she’s been overseas.

“Have any you been to Holland?” she asks the girls, who she knows have never been to Europe.

“They’ve got a really interesting way of dealing with the cold over there”

“Like, everyone wears these big jackets everywhere and it’s like, all the buildings have centralised heating. It’s so weird how Australia doesn’t even think about these things”

“It’s so cute how everyone is wearing jumpers today. This is nothing compared to Bruges”



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