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With councils and state governments pouring cash into shortlived sporting infrastructure ahead of the three month count down to the XXVI Commonwealth games on the Gold Coast, residents say they are not looking forward to their city’s traffic congestion problems being on display for the world.

This comes as the Games organisers are already encouraging people to “take advantage of walking, cycling and public transport” during the Games, to be held from April 4 to 15 on the Gold Coast.

It appears that aside from maybe a few easily pleased Gold Coast primary schoolers, literally no one is looking forward to the Commonwealth Games, athletes included.

“It’s just a good way to get injured for no real monetary gain or prestige” says one relatively well-known Australian athlete that wants to remain anonymous.

Locals are also not really into the whole thing, according to local beautician, Barbara.

“I just wan to make it very bloody clear that I was never keen on this whole thing, neither was anyone I know” she says in her thick Sophie Monk-esque South East Corner accent.

“This will in no way benefit our town – most of the athletes will be staying in Brisbane, and the last thing the Goldie needs is a two kilometre rowing course”

However, both the mayor and Queensland Premier have been told by their mates in construction that this thing will be great, and they should be finished on time.


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