The pale as fuck ankles on a local formwork and concreting professional has given clear indication that he is the man you want pouring your slab.

The sock-tan, which is absolutely symmetric on both legs, marks several decades of non-stop formwork, pouring and polishing.

The ancient Australian practice of refusing to ever counter the sock-tan is most prevalent in concreters and concrete cutters. However, is very seldom seen in first generation Irish construction workers who’s disdain for sunburn usually results in a strict approach towards sun safety after one summer spent in Bondi or the Gold Coast.

The fact that you have even seen what the sub-contractors ankles look like is a testament to the theory, as many will purposely wear thongs around potential job sites so as to send a message that they are not mucking around.

Ideally paired with a Southern European last name, the ankles should be on display for all during an initial walk-through, before sending through a quote.

Similarly identifiable physical features can also be seen in the stubbed fingers of boutique cabinetmakers and carpenters, an indication that they work such long hours that they have in the past slid their hand across a benchsaw in a moment of lapsed concentration.




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