A man who has had his opinions heard by people in every city and town around the country says he’s worried that the PC thought police are trying to silence him.

Despite being paid by Christian lobbyists to appear in their latest series of ads aimed at frustrating working class Australians with irrational tangents to the same-sex marriage debate, the man says no one is listening to people like him.

Builder Steve Peterson, 54, says he is an active No vote supporter who is sick of not having his views on the gay marriage validated in the public debate, despite the fact that he’s been able to spruik his anti-gay-marriage rhetoric on prime time television right across the country for the last few days.

In it, he says: “I dunno about this same-sex marriage … even our Prime Minister says there’ll be consequences.”

He adds that he’s “over this politically correct nonsense”, being “sick of being told what to think by the thought police”, and ventures “what’s next? Boycott my business? I’m gonna have my say all right. I’m gonna say no”.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott says this is a perfect example of everyday Aussies sticking it up to the PC elites who think they are so smart because they have gay friends that they love and care about.

“If you want to stick it to these people, vote no” he said.

“It will make you feel powerful beyond measure”

“Just look at old mate Steve”


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