A run-of-the-mill Satan-worshipping, flesh-lusting, sexually-perverted boykisser has today revealed that his entire secret society of LGBTI cultists are panicking that former Australian tennis star, Margaret Court has figured out their plans to turn the entire nation against her God.

This comes after Court’s criticism of marriage equality for gays, which last week brought her national media headlines, as well as her most recent comments about the “gay lobby” in a 45-minute appearance on a Christian Radio program.

“Homosexuality is a lust for the flesh, so is adultery, fornication,” she says

“It’s not God and I think they too know this. This is why they want marriage, because it’s self-satisfying. I think they know it comes against Christianity.”

Local self-satisfying poofter, Tim, says he’s fucking worried that she’s going to bring down his community’s century-old plan to make the nation’s children decide to be gay like they have.

“Fuck. We were nearly there” he says.

“I reckon if we’d been able to fly under the radar for another couple years we could have completely infiltrated the Australian public school system.”

“We could have all been drinking the blood of Christian soldiers by the goblet”

“Fucking Margaret Court and her nosey ways”

However, despite her panic about the spread of gays, Margaret Court has also criticised gays for fabricating how big the spread of gays actually is.

The 74-year-old Christian extremist says that accepting homosexuality would lead young people to “destroy their lives” – she also said Australian polls that showed nationwide support for same-sex marriage were incorrect.

“It can’t possibly be correct. I’ve never met one openly gay person in my insular community of old God-fearing white people”

“The numbers are incorrect”



  1. Margaret Court is saying all the right stuff – well done, Margaret. She is only supporting the current marriage laws as they stand now and she is exposing all the attacks on our children by homosexual activists to groom children into homosexuality – the activists are very sly and devious. We can all be far more careful what school and sporting events we send our children to now. The lefties are screaming so much because they have been exposed….and the tennis players that criticize Margaret?….well, they are only criticizing her because they are jealous of her achievements and rather than play tennis as good as her, they take the easy path of verbally bullying her. Anyhow, I think we should name another stadium after Margaret. She deserves it!….Plus, with all the controversy about the Margaret Court Arena being renamed to try and airbrush Margaret Court out of tennis history, the ultimate come-back by Margaret Court is to say: “You all realise that every tennis court has my name in it – tennis court, Margaret Court – so you can remember me every time you see, think or say “tennis court”.”
    Flaunting any homosexual marriage law in Australia is the very reason why we in Australia don’t want it – instead of “getting on with living” or “moving on” or “life won’t change” (as the homosexual activists tell us) if SSM is made legal, there will be gross displays of homosexual activities thrust in our faces at every turn and every place. Our children will be targeted the most with constant images and discussions into being homosexual because homosexuals cannot reproduce, they can only recruit into their lust-fest. It will be a nightmare!….thankfully, we have now been given a warning by militant homosexual activists (like John McEnroe and Elton John) of what we would be in for and so we can reject it even more. Who wants children to be exposed to the sort of filthy language and temper tantrums of John McEnroe anyhow?….Margaret Court is far more credible as a role model for children!

    In Australia, marriage equality already exists, rights already exist, love already exists, non-discrimination already exists….but the definition of Marriage in the Marriage Act is only for opposite sex couples. So SSM activists are wanting the redefinition of marriage….nothing more. It changes marriage into something new that departs completely from the millennia-old institution of marriage designed for heterosexual biological parents to procreate and raise children in a safe and healthy environment – every civilisation since the dawn of time has had heterosexual marriages as the pillar of society for their success and prosperity – every other sort of “marriage” is less. Can you image homosexuals wanting “equal rights” to use the word “heterosexual”?….NO, because the two don’t mix and so too, the word “marriage” is intrinsically heterosexual because only heterosexual biology can do marriage. Same sex marriage is completely different because it is solely a sex/love/lust/romance-based concept to make homosexuality look acceptable using governments to register their “marriage” on a government registry… if that is all marriage is about. This has never been done before in the history of humankind and it trashes marriage beyond recognition. If the homosexuals get their “marriage”, then they destroy what they want by getting what they want.


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