With Christmas just over a month away, the cousins who own an eight bedroom beach house just outside of Lismore are starting to get looped into massive email chains that suggest it might be easier to have everyone at their place.

“It could be a lot easier for Nanna” says Aunty Sally, who bravely kicked off this email thread, only after drawing the short straw among all of her siblings.

“That way she only has to travel six hours from Tamworth”

Uncle Bruce decides to throw in his two cents as well.

“I agree, it’s pretty central in the scheme of things, between Gympie and Newcastle – how many beds does it have again”

Aunty Anna, who inherited the beach house through her husband’s family is not sure how to say no to this seemingly decided upon idea.

“I’m not sure” she says.

“We’ll have to see what Andre’s family are doing, they might want the house”

Aunty Sally responds almost instantaneously.

“Could you see if they wanted it for the whole holidays, they might only want it for New Years, I’ll only be able to get off work from the 22nd to the 30th anyway”

The cousins, who all actually want to stay in their hometowns with the friends over the Christmas break, are oblivious to the amount of lobbying happening between their parents.

“There’s literally no other people our age in that town” says Jack, Aunty Sally’s rebellious 16-year-old.

“Why can’t we just go to Nindigully like all my mates from school”

It is not yet known if the beach-house cousins will crumble under this surprise attack from the rest of the family, but one thing is clear, if they do end up hosting Christmas, they will not be spending a week there in advance organising the food like they did last year.


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